The old station buildings in Japan

Kareigawa Station
(JR Kyushu, Hisatsu-Line )
Kareigawa Sta. in JPN

Nostalgic wooden world.

Kareigawa Sta. the 100year over station building

The building of Kareigawa Station (嘉例川駅 in Kanji) was built in 1903. This building is one of the oldest station building in Kagoshima prefecture.

The station building is made of wood. It was a tipical style in old days.

110 years passed after it was built, The original shape is kept marvellously and very nostalgic. The appearance covered with Aged woods tells us long history of this station. Indeed, The old landscape of cuntryside line remains in this station.

Waiting room of Kareigawa Sta.

This station is unstaffed now. But the inside of the building is kept well, the former ticket office, the wooden bench fixde to wall and so on. I feel I am going back to the past, when I'm in here.

The platformside of Kareigawa Sta.

The platform side of Kareigawa station is old ,too. The station buildings is old typical style. But this building may be a little taller than other ones.

The wooden bench and wicktl is very aged

The wooden bench fixed to station wall and the wickt assembled by wood. they has get aged and been weared, the grain of wood is embossed strongly. The wooden station has deep warmth and inpressive atomosphere.

Kareigawa station is famous for over 100year's old now, Many sightseers visits the historical station.

[ visited in Feb 2004, and so on...]

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Information to visit

Operater and Name of line
JR-Kyushu, Hisatsu Line.
Location (municipality)
Kirishima city, Kagoshima prefecture
Train frequency
Small, some dozen trains.
Kareigawa Station is the nearest station to Kagoshima Airport. About 5km to the Airport.
A Bus between Kagoshima airport and Kirishima Hot Spring Area stops Kareigawa station. 10minutes to the airport. about 5 a day.
Or A another bus between Airport - Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel ih the Kirishima hot spring area stops Kareigawa bus stop (Not Kareigawa "Station" bus stop). The bus stop is far from the station a little. 6 minutes to the ariport, about 9 a day.
No taxi at the station. You have to call for taxi.
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