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Takao station
(JR East, Chuo-line)
Takao Sta written in kanji

The building for Emperor funeral

The station building of JR Takao (Northern Building)

The station buiding of JR Takao station (高尾駅 In Jpn) on northern side is a Japanese temple style.

The building was originaly built in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden for a funeral of the Emperor Taisho in 1927. A funeral train glavely loaded the body of the Emperor Taisho. The train departed for Higasi Asagawa Station that is located about 1km east from current Takao Station. And The Emperor was buried in Musashi Imperial Graveyard in Hachioji.

After the funeral, the station building was moved to current location.
(Higasi Asagawa Station had been closed now.)

The Porch of takao station.

Entrance of Takao station. The porch has grave atmosphere like temple.

Gegyo decoration of Takao Station

"Gegyo" decotation is hung inside triangle of the roof. The decoration is often seen in Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine architecture. The purpose of "Gegyo" decotation is to avoid a fire disaster.

JR Takao Station: Inside of northern building.

The inside has morden facilities. There is cafe and Kiosk inside the station building.
Dispite 50km distance from center of Tokyo, Takao station is a part of the metropolitan area of Tokyo. Many passengers comes and goes out constantly.

Tengu mask in Takao station.

Big Tengu mask is displayed above the entrance way of the station building.

Hachioji City decided the inprovement of Takao station and around the station. Therefore, The historic station building will remove here. But fortunately, The building is decided to preserve and moves again to new place

[visited in Augast, 2010]


Information to visit

Location (municipality )
Hachioji City, Tokyo
Operater, Line name
JR East, Chuo Line
Train Frequency (roughly)
Very many to Shinjyuku or Tokyo direction.
Many to Otsuki or Kofu direction: 1-3 a hour.
Keio Corporation Takao Line. The line leads to Chofu or Shinjyuku and so on.
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