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Izumo Yokota Station
(JR West, Kisuki-line)
Izumo Yokota Sta written in Kanji.

The Station building like Shinto shrine!

Izumo yokota station, Shinto shrine style building!

The main building of Izumoyokota Station (出雲横田駅 In Kanji) is amazing Japanese style like shinto shrine. The outer wall is the style of Azekura-dukuri. The style is ancient architectural style utilizing intercrossed triangle logs.
The Shinto shrine-style appearance comes from Inada Shrine that is located about 1 km away from this station.

The red object is an old-model mailbox. It's rare.

shinto straw is hanged under the name board

There is a borad of station name in the carriage porch. Shinto straw festoon is hung under the name borad.

Izumo Yokota Sta : Small Japanese garden

There is small Japanese style garden in front of the station building.

Platform and the kiha120 of Kisuki Line.

Kisuki Line is Single track. Izumo Yokota station is one of the main station at Kisuki Line. The station has two platfrom. Trains can pass each other.

The number of train at this section (Bingo ochiai - Kishiki) is very small.
Especialy, the train between Bingo-Ochiai and this station is extremely small. 3 a day at both direction!
The train between Kisuki and this station is about 7-10 accrding to the direction.

Tiny disel Train the kiha 120 runs liesurely.

[visited July in 2012]


Information to visit

Location ( municipality, prefecture )
Okuizumo cho in Shimane Pref.
Operater, Line name
JR West, Kisuki Line .
Train Frequency at this section (roughly)
As stated above, Very small. You should check the timetable in advance.
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Timetable sarch : HyperDia
JR-WEST,timetable & route finder
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