Iwakuraji station
(Toyama Chiho Railway, Tateyama Line & Kamidaki Line)
Iwakuraji-sta. in kanji

Photo of the station

The statioin building of Iwakuraji Sta. (Toyama chihou Railway)

Toyama chiho Railway (Toyama Chitetsu or Chitetsu for short) has many nostalgic and unique station buidings.

Iwakuraji station ( 岩峅寺駅 in Kanji) is one of such stations, too. Iwakuraji station adopts Japanese style. The station bilding has two floor of wooden mortar.The roof is covered with Japanese black tiles. The shape of roof is East asian hip-and-gable roof.

The station buiding was built in 1921.

The karahafu porch of Iwakuraji Sta.

The porch is kara hafu gable. The feature of Kara hafu gable is unique curve. "kara" of kara hafu means China. But it's peculiar style of Japan

The roof of the porch is a tiled roof like station building.

A tortoise made of tile on the roof

A tortoise of tile is on the porch.

a rabbit made of tile!

A rabbit is here, too! Those decorations are full of a playful mind.

The nostalgic plathome of Iwakuraji station.

The plathome of Iwakuraji station is very old and nostalgic.The station is the junction of Tateyama Line and Kamidaki Line, and has 4 plathomes.

Toyama Chitesu often purchases used car from majar private railway companys. The car in the photo is former Keihan Railway's car ih Kansai area.

The Toyama Chitesu is like museum, the car and the station!

[ Visited in September, 2010 ]


Information to visit

Operater and Name of line
(Toyama chiho Tetsudo,Tateyama Line & Kamidaki line)
Location ( municipality, )
Tateyama-machi in Toyama prefecture
Train frequency (in the daytime)
The train bound for toyama via Tateyama Line is about 2 a hour. To Toyama Via Kamidaki Line is about 1. To Tateyama is about 1 a hour
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