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Hibayama station
(JR West, Geibi-line)
Hibayama sta. in kanji

Photos of the Hibayama station

The maiin building of Hibayama Sta. (Geibi Line)

The main building of Hibayama Station ( 比婆山駅 in Kanji ) is like Shinto shrine style. There is Hiba-Dogo-Taishaku Quasi-National Park in the north side of this station. And There is Kumano Shrine in the Park, too. It seems that the apparance of this station building, especialy roof was conscious of visitor to Kumano shrine and the park. But Nowadays. most visitor to the park will not use a train and Hibayama station.

Hibayama Sta: carriage porch

There is a "Gegyo" ornament in the upper inside of the triangle-formed porch.

The name board is former timetable

The board of station name reuses a old board that was used as a timetable at a certain other stations.
The old train time embosses thinly behind the station name.

The former window of ticket sellig, baggage and freight

There are few inhabitants along near the station ,and few passenger. Therfore, Hibayama station is unstaffed. The former window of ticket sellig, baggage and freight is covered by wooden board. The right side in this photo is a trace of baggage and freight window. The wooden counter still extists.

The Japanese garden pond in Hibayama Sta.

Despite unstaffed station, small japanese gargen is mainteined by inhabitants who lives near here. They restored abandaned garden, and fixed a borken bottom of the pond. Goldfishes swims in this pond. I feel the garden expresses their affection to the station.

A train of Geibi line (The kiha 120)

Disel Train the kiha 120 is approaching. The train has only one car. And the number of train about this section is small. 6 trains a day to each direction!

This section of Geibi line is full of mountain view and countryside landscape. I feel calm.

[ Visited in July, 2012 ]

Information to visit

Operater and Name of line
JR West, Geibi Line.
Location ( municipality, )
Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
Train frequency
Very small in each direction to Miyoshi station or to Bingo Ochiai station (About 6 per day).
As a further Information, ahead of Bingo ochiai is extremly small! North direction is Kishiki Line. East direction is Geibi Line.The number of train to each direction is 3 a day!
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