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Cherry blossom & Train station

Japanese people love cherry blossom deeply from old days. Because so?? Cherry tree has been planted in the site of the railway station. Urban stations have been developed. But cherry blossom remains at many stations of rural lines. You travel by rail in the blooming season, You can view beautiful cherry blossoms from train and at railway station!

According to a kind, weather or place, You can enjoy cherry blossom mainly from March to May. Japanese Islands is so long! Cherry blossom runs with spring warmth from south to north.

The rail travel looking for Somei-Yoshino

Somei-Yoshino is the most popular cherry blossom among Japanese. The moment of the bloom is generally from late march to early April, but from late April to early May at  northern Tohoku and Hokkaido.

A cherry blossom at Kawado Sta. (JR-West Sanko Line) Kawado Sta.
(JR-West, Sanko Line, Shimane Pref.)

When I entered the Kawado Station and went through the wicket, a cherry tree in full blossom welcomed me.

Cherry blossom garden! Tanigumiguchi Sta. Tanigumiguchi Sta.

Many cherry blossoms is planted all over Tanigumiguchi Station. The station is really cherry blossom garden in spring.

Cheryy tree and students (Hida-hagiwara Sta.)Hida-Hagiwara Sta.
(JR-Central Takayama Line. Gifu Rref.)

After spring holiday of students, a cherry tree blooms. And New school year starts. Many students were waiting in line at the wooden station to buy a season ticket.

(note: It is April that New school year starts in Japan)

Seba sta. Seba Sta.
(JR-Central, Chuo Line, Nagano Pref.)

There is a row of cherry trees in the Seba station. When The Spring visits, the cherry blossoms fully bloom.

Cherry blossom and Sanno Sta. (Echizen rai.way) Sanno Sta.
(Echizen Railway, Katsuyama Eiheiji Line. Fukui Pref.)

I discovered unique branch of cherry tree from train. Impressive cherry blossom attracted me deeply and made me got off at the small station. I enjoyed the cherry blossom that had winding branch!

Cherry blossom and former Takahata Sta. (Yamagata kotsu) Takahata Sta.
(Yamagata kotsu, Takahata LIne, Yamagata Pref.)

The rail line was abolished in 1974. But The main building of Takahata Station is preserved and mainteined. Nevertheless, a cherry blossom in front of the former station is gorgeously blooming.

(Note: Yamagata kotsu Takahata station is different from current JR Takahata Station. Yamagata kotsu Takahata station was 5km away from the current JR station. )

Night Cherry blossom at rail station

Night cherry blossom! Kawahira Sta. (JR-West) Kawahira Sta.

The inhabitants near Kawahira station had hung many paper lanterns with cherry blossoms of the station. When the lanterns was turned ont, Fantasic and romantic scene appeared. What a romantic mood! I enjoyed Night cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom at Night rail station. (Tukizaki Sta.) Tsukizaki Sta.
(Kominato railway, Chiba Pref.)

Kominato railway is small private railway. But the line is near the capital area, Many people who is looking for calm of countryside take a trip to the railway.

The people went back to their home, I can occupy the cherry blossoms alone at Tsukizaki Station. The cherry blossoms floated in the night darkness.

Night Cherry blossom at tiny rail station. (koyanohata sta.) Koyanohata Sta.
(JR-East, Hanawa Line, Iwate Pref.)

Night visited to tiny Koyanohata Station. The station was covered with deep darkness and silence. The train was approching with shiny light. The cherry blossoms bloomed suddenly in the darkness

In urban scene

little cherry blossoms at Toyama Sta. Toyama Sta.
(JR-West, Hokuriku Shinkansen etc. Toyama Pref.)

For extension of Hokuriku Shinkansen, The Toyama station was rebuilt in 2015. Toyama station is the largest railway station in the Toyama prefecture. In spite of such station, Cherry trees was planted. The trees are little like child. But several years later, The splendid cherry blossom will bloom in urban scene.

Of course, the famous place of cherry blossom is good. But people rush to such place. It's noisy and not calm. If you travel to railway station of rural line. You will appreciate the beauty of cherry blossom at calm mood to your heart's content.

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